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Merryn applies the same consultative, participatory processes she’s developed for Marketing and Business Planning, to Program Planning. If your organisation is looking for ways to build audiences, and you haven’t yet reviewed the way you structure and select your annual program, then you could benefit from Merryn’s Program Planning Workshop.

Designed to maximise buy-in from the whole team responsible for programming, the process enables organisations to integrate the program planning process with marketing and audience development plans. The workshop illustrates how an organisation’s brand is integrally linked to its artistic vision, and why programming and marketing need to work closely together. Clients are provided with a planning workbook, including suggested structures for the plan, tips on essential information and research to ensure the plan addresses specific organisational needs, and a series of helpful prompts and questions to guide the client-completed sections of the plan.

Merryn’s role in the process is flexible and tailored to client needs but can include facilitating programming, marketing, audience development and/or business planning workshops (with staff and board members), working with staff on background research, writing complete sections of the finished plan, editing client-completed sections and proof reading and compiling the finished plan.

If you’d like to discuss a Program Planning project or workshop with Merryn, please email merryn[at] call or call +61 (0)414 766 173

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