Merryn is one of Australia’s most respected and experienced arts consultants. She brings to every project:

  • a specialist knowledge of the arts and nonprofit sectors
  • a real depth of marketing and audience development experience
  • a passion for developing audience insights through focus groups and questionnaire research
  • lots of experience helping people write great business plans, program plans and marketing plans
  • experience working with, evaluating and selecting ticketing systems
  • the ability to provide specialist marketing mentoring

With a wealth of knowledge and a style that’s direct and perceptive, she delivers effective and practical outcomes through building shared commitment. She’s been described as a ‘visionary and strategic thinker’ for her work on Program Planning and Audience Development. If you’d like to talk with Merryn about an opportunity to work together, please call +61 (0)414 766 173 or email merryn[at]merryncarter.com.au

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