If you’re looking for a consultant, project manager or short term contractor with

  • a specialist knowledge of the arts sector across Australia
  • a real depth of marketing and audience development experience
  • a passion for developing audience insights through focus groups and questionnaire research
  • lots of experience helping people write great business plans, program plans and marketing plans
  • experience working with, evaluating and selecting ticketing systems
  • the ability to provide specialist marketing mentoring

all provided with a warm, consultative and participatory style

… then you’ve come to the right place.

Merryn has spent most of her working life in the arts sector, working with performing, visual and indigenous arts organisations, festivals, community cultural development programs and local governments, regional performing arts centres, individual artists and nonprofits in other sectors.

From conference keynote speaking, to working in small groups on business reviews and strategic planning, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with a style that’s direct, perceptive, productive and encourages practical outcomes through building shared commitment. She’s been described as a ‘visionary and strategic thinker’ for her work on Program Planning and Audience Development.

Have a look around the website, and if you’d like to talk with Merryn about an opportunity to work together, please call +61 (0)414 766 173 or email merryn[at]merryncarter.com.au

LinkedIn profile:

audience laughingaudience laughingaudience laughing

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