ticketing consultancy

support for evaluation, review and selection of ticketing systems

Grounded in many years hands-on experience as Director of Marketing for performing arts organisations, and as a project consultant working closely with many different ticketing systems, Merryn is well placed to assist venue managers, marketing managers and ticketing or box office managers evaluate the options and choose the ticketing system that’s right for their situation.

Choosing a ticketing system is not a simple process. There are quite a few alternatives available, at a wide range of prices and with many different functionalities, interfaces and compatibilities. You want to provide a good experience for your customers, you want a good interface with your website. You want accurate and reliable real-time sales reports, and integration or compatibility with your finance system. You want reports that help you analyse the effectiveness of your marketing methods, check customer frequency and recency and compare different events. Perhaps you also want integration with an events or venue management system, the ability to sell subscription or package tickets, and tracking of customer communications. You want all this, to a budget.

Or you just want the simplest, best ticketing system you can afford. That should be straight forward, right?

Perhaps not. Ticketing software can promise much but disappoint on delivery. It’s better to ask the hard questions up front so you know what you’re in for. Don’t know what to ask? Can’t decide? Email or call me and I’ll help you design a process that ensures you make the right decision: merryn[@]merryncarter.com.au phone 0414 766 173

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