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“In a deeply complex and inter-connected ecology, this report [the National Performing Arts Touring Scan] goes a long way to recognising the impediments to progress and the shortage of resources that affect real reform. PAC Australia have already met with the Minister’s advisor and the Office for the Arts to identify immediate steps that we can take and how the longer-term structural changes could be implemented .. Thank you and well done to Merryn and Jordan, and again to the Australia Council, for their work in this space.” Katherine Connor, Executive Director PAC Australia

Thank you Merryn for putting your heart and soul into these reports. You have been so encouraging throughout the process and it really has been great to have you on board.” Ben Hunter, Hamilton Performing Arts

“Feedback about Merryn’s work has been very positive. Merryn is a visionary and strategic thinker committed to sharing her knowledge and supporting real change in the arts industry.” Rick Heath, PAC Australia

“Merryn has vast experience in research projects, facilitating focus groups, analysing and crystallising emerging information, developing key recommendations, and presenting the results to the client. Her professionalism and strategic eye meant that the project ran smoothly and the client is very happy and will use the results to drive change.” Nicole Beyer, Theatre Network Australia

“Merryn’s depth of knowledge, as well as her calm and thoughtful manner, allowed us to go through this process [Program Planning] in a very small timeframe, but still achieve excellent outcomes. To have access to this level of experience cannot be underestimated.” Shauna Weeks, Perth Theatre Trust

“Merryn provided program planning workshops across Western Australia, and professional development presentations for WA Showcase. Participants found Merryn to be knowledgeable, experienced, and well researched. She understands the needs of venues and can communicate and plan for working in an environment with a number of capacity and resource issues. Merryn has a commitment to sharing her knowledge and definitely goes the extra step to ensure her clients are prepared to get the most out of her work.” Ryan Taaffe, Executive Director, CircuitWest

“the workshop was really fantastic, I have been to lots of marketing seminars over the years but I thought that was THE most valuable one I had been to, constructive, informative and down to earth. Congratulations on such a clear presentation”

“my staff returned from yesterday raving about the day and bubbling with ideas. Congratulations, thank you and well done”.

“Thank you, I found the day very valuable and look forward to getting stuck into marketing and audience development plans”

“This was the most focused and useful workshop I’ve been to in a very long time – many thanks to Merryn”