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The importance of shared goals and KPIs for Arts Centres

Interesting article here from US consultant Duncan Webb, drawn to my attention by Bronwyn Edinger while she was at APACA, about the potential for disagreement between local Councils and Performing Arts Centre boards and managements. Totally backs up my theory that here in Australia, more local government owned and/or funded arts centres need tailored Business Plans that spell out their agreed purpose, goals and KPIs. Here’s an excerpt to get you interested in reading the whole thing:

“..the big problem between city owners and the private operators of cultural facilities is generally around the different language and tools they use to define success. Cities — and we mean elected officials — care about things like economic development, effective management, positive media coverage and happy taxpayers. Building operators and their boards tend to be more concerned with booking great acts, ticket sales, expense controls and fundraising events. So our job often ends up being about getting the owner and operator to agree on what it is they want from the building — what is their common definition of success and how can it be measured moving forward. And inevitably this brings us back to mission. What is the purpose of the building and the value it delivers to the community? How should it operate to achieve that purpose?”

read the whole article here: measuring-success-in-performing-arts-facilities