audience development

Organisations wanting to deepen audience engagement, develop new audiences, and grow existing audiences need to make sure they’re using the right marketing strategies, and have good strategic links between marketing and programming plans. If you’ve got a Marketing Plan in place, but it’s not helping you develop your audience, perhaps you’d benefit from the kind of support Merryn can provide. With an in-depth approach in development since 2010 when she presented ‘Take the Audience Development Challenge’, a series of three workshops at the APACA Conference in Melbourne, Merryn can help you draw together the key strategies and ingredients you need to get an effective Audience Development Plan in place and implemented.

Currently, Merryn is exploring the links between programming and audience development, collecting resources and case studies from around the world to enrich and enhance her work in Australia.

The process and materials Merryn will design for you will be tailored to your unique situation, your artistic vision, existing audiences, potential audiences,  your community, long term goals and available resources.

If you’d like to find out more about this highly specialised, flexible and tailored service, call Merryn on +61 (0)414 766 173 or email merryn[at]

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