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When you want to grow and develop your audience and improve your marketing results, you need to deepen your understanding of your audiences.

Demographics can tell you how old, what gender, how wealthy (or not), and how educated (or not) your audiences are, but can’t tell you the really important things like what made them decide to come that first time, or decide to come back for more.

Developing an understanding of how your audiences think and feel about you and the experiences you offer, what role you play in their lives and what other experiences they enjoy, can only really be achieved through audience research.

One of the best ways to begin to listen to your audiences can be through focus groups. Merryn is a trained and experienced focus group facilitator who can help you take those first steps towards a deeper understanding of your audience, or the second or third steps to deeper understanding and exploration of how they relate to your brand.

Perhaps you’d like to design and implement a ‘first timer’ questionnaire to help you understand what will make first time audience members want to come back? Or a frequent attenders questionnaire, to help you understand what drives and builds the loyalty of your most frequent audience or subscribers? Merryn is a trained and experienced questionnaire designer and analyst, experienced in online, telephone and hard copy survey design and implementation.

Current and previous research clients include: Theatre Network Australia and Arts Centre Melbourne, Ararat Town Hall, Hamilton Performing Arts Centre, Bunbury Entertainment Centre, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Australian Commercial Galleries Association, Belvoir, Canberra Symphony Orchestra, dancehouse, Her Majesty’s Theatre Ballarat, Manning Entertainment Centre, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Theatre Company, Nextwave Festival, Northern Rivers Performing Arts (NORPA), Object: Australian Design Centre, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, REP Films, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, Sydney Symphony Orchestra,  West Australian Symphony Orchestra

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