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Real-time email case study: Canadian Opera

Great case study from the Marketing Sherpa team here, on the Canadian Opera’s real-time email campaigns. Sending the right message to the right person at the right time is the key to success for many email programs. The Canadian Opera Company, the largest opera company in Canada, sought to implement real-time email messaging to subscribers and send promotional emails during performance intermissions to encourage additional ticket purchases.

See how the team created and implemented perfectly timed sends and coordinating phone follow-ups to achieve a 50% sales conversion rate from follow-up calls stemming from emails. Full article and a sample of one of their email texts here: canadian-opera-real-time-email-case-study and the sample email: canadian-opera-email-example


13 Practical Marketing Lessons

If you don’t already know about the National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) in the US, you should hop on their website now and have a good look around. It’s full of great resources, and you can sign up to their newsletter which will alert you to recent additions and current issues. I’ve just been reading through their 13-part Practical Lessons in Marketing. It’s great, and should be required reading for all arts marketers. If you’re starting out, don’t miss it. Even if you’ve been in the business for years, there are great reminders here of what’s important, which will help refocus and re-energise  your efforts: