marketing mentoring

Merryn is an experienced mentor who has developed successful mentoring relationships with arts marketers, venue managers and individual artists to support the growth and development of their marketing work.

Mentoring can be a very cost effective way of supporting an increased marketing effort, assisting staff to review current marketing practices, brainstorm new more effective marketing strategies, or advocate more effectively for increased marketing resources.

If you’re a smaller organisation not able to employ specialist marketing staff, mentoring can be a great way to help fine tune your marketing strategies. Merryn can work with whoever is responsible for your marketing to review marketing plans and campaigns and provide tips and strategic advice on how to make your marketing more time and cost effective.

If you’re a larger organisation in need of expert support while you review existing marketing strategies, Merryn can provide a sounding board and well-placed diagnostic questions to ensure your review provides maximum impact.

CONTACT For further information on how marketing mentoring could support your organisation, email merryn[at], phone +61 (0)414 766 173 or fill out the form below:

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