Articles on Audience Development

I’m embarking on a campaign to stimulate conversation around the linkages (or lack of them) between programming and audience development. Here are some of the articles that have inspired my campaign. What’s your take on this issue? (I’m also looking to build a collection of Australian case studies on audience development and programming, so do let me know if you’re working in this area.)

All the World’s a Stage, Alan Brown, 2012

A New Framework for Building Participation in the Arts, Kevin F. McCarthy and Kimberly Jinnett,

RAND Corporation, 2001

alan-brown-speech-on-artistic-vibrancy-in-programming, an address by Alan Brown, November 2013

Building Demand for the Performing Arts, for the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Alan Brown,

October 2012

Building Arts Organizations that Build Audiences, Wallace Foundation conference proceedings, 2012

Research into Action: pathways to new opportunities, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, 2010

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