Branding on tour

Branding for presenter venues who host many different touring companies each year, and for the touring companies who are only in each town a short time, can be challenging. Increasingly, touring companies are striving to establish more of their own brand on tour, asking themselves how they can strengthen their relationship with the audiences they meet on tour.  How can venues establish a strong brand of their own, when what they present is actually made up of lots of other people’s brands? And how can touring companies begin to establish their brand in local markets, when they might only visit a town once every couple of years, and they’re presented within a season which is strongly branded by the venue? These are issues being discussed around Australia right now – it would be great to learn about how people are dealing with them. What’s your experience? In this article from the UK, branding-touring-companies-and-venues-jam35-jon-bradfield-2009, Jon Bradfield of touring theatre company Out of Joint contemplates their situation and describes some of the ways they’re trying to address the need to establish their brand and stronger links with touring audiences.

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