Diversity builds resilience

If you attended one of the Mark Robinson forums presented by BoardConnect in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in late 2012, you’ll be familiar with his concept of adaptive resilience. More from Mark and colleagues now, on how diversity in organisations can help build organisational resilience – definitely worth a read: diversity_and_adaptive_resilience_public-1

If you didn’t attend one of Mark’s forums, then you should investigate what he means by adaptive resilience, in his original article: making_adaptive_resilience_real, before you read about how diversity can help get you there. In this article, Mark lists eight characteristics of resilient arts organisations:

• Culture of shared purpose and values rooted in organisational memory
• Predictable financial resources derived from a robust business model
• Strong networks (internal/external)
• Intellectual, human and physical assets

Adaptive skills
• Leadership, management and governance
• Adaptive capacity: innovation and experimentation embedded
in reflective practice
• Situation awareness of environment and performance
• Management of key vulnerabilities: planning and preparation
for disruption

.. definitely food for thought in advance of your next business planning day, don’t you think?

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